When I'm available to do commissions,

there will be a form available at


this link.

 For any odd requests, please shoot me an e-mail! 



-tattoo designs-

 -An average of $60 to $100 depending on 

size and detail.

-If your concept is picked, I will give a quote and you can secure your spot with a $20 deposit that goes toward the total.

-The final design will be sent digitally.

-watercolor paintings-

-$100 for 9x12 custom 

-I can do a special size. Just let me know what you want and I can send a quote!

-Shipping costs included.





 traditional concepts and subjects, botanicals, roses, peonies, butterflies, moths, spiders, hands, pin-up ladies, spooky things, surreal compositions, swords, & more

I love fun and original concepts.

The cooler your idea is, the more I'll want to do it!


For now, I don't design: photorealism, full back pieces, full/half sleeves, complex wrap-arounds.




 The form can be filled out in ASL and/or English. For ASL, please paste a link to your video (via Drive, Youtube, etc).

Please make sure your tattoo artist is cool with tattooing someone else's work!

If my commissions are closed, or you just don't know what design you want... You're in luck! Most of my art posted can be claimed as a design.

If you see something you love, let me know!


For any questions, please shoot me a DM or e-mail me at

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