I'm Bridget Berrigan, the owner, creator, and artist behind this biz. I hail from the DMV, currently reside in Manor, TX., and live off my great big dreams daily. 

I specialize in drawing flash and painting in watercolor with influences from

tattoo art. I admire and am especially inspired by traditional styles.

In a normal work day, I'm going back and forth with clients designing their forever tattoos. Proudly deaf with ASL as my primary language, I aspire to hold spaces where deaf and signing clients can express their artistic visions 

using our native language. 

I am a tattoo apprentice hopeful and a future art grad student. I hope to ink skin all over the world and pursue documentary photography projects that highlight stories within my community.

I am also a lover of oil painting, stationery art, and art history.

Some of these concentrations and variations are also incorporated here.


For questions, collaborations, or unique commission requests,

 I would love to get a message from you!

 Typed e-mails or links to ASL videos are both welcome.

Pleasure to meet y'all- I hope I get the chance to in person.



Bridget Berrigan
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