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My name is Bridget Berrigan, I usually go by Bri or by my sign name, which is the sign for 'strawberry' (the one with the swinging '9').

I specialize in drawing with pens/colored pencils and painting with watercolor. My art is influenced from a variety of tattooing styles, and I am especially fascinated with American Traditional. I also love to experiment with oil painting, photography, and anything else you might put on my table!

I am a tattoo apprentice hopeful and a future art grad student. I hope to ink skin all over the world, pursue documentary photography projects, and become a teacher and mentor in the arts.

As a deaf artist and freelancer, I aspire to hold spaces where deaf and signing clients can express their artistic visions using their native language. For questions, collaborations, or commission requests,
 I would love to get a message from you!


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